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We understood that dealing with automated machine logic is the standard literacy for the future. It has therefore, become our mission to be responsible for the technology At 101 Geekology we have seen that interacting with modern technologies has become the eras literacy. epistemology amongst the younger generations and better equip them with the skills they need. Although we focus on various elements of science, management, philosophy and technology the reason our courses revolve around robotics is because it is an applied area of science that tests students capabilities of how to use their learnt skills at school. Be it Maths, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, social science, philosophy and much more, robotics goes beyond STEAM.
Carefully selecting the starting age to be 10-11 years old, having 9 modules, starting from the BBC Microbit and ending with the Ardusat, by 2030 these children will be at university level with phenomenal key skills. Here at 101 Geekology we work very hard to create bespoke syllabus content and wish to be a global leader in preparing the future generations to be ready for the happening fourth industrial revolution.

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